Saturday, 12 May 2018

Best websites on the net to overcome your boredom

Whether you're bored or just need a break from the daily pressures of life. The Internet has tons of cool websites to waste your time on. So, today I'll show you 10 fun websites that you can visit at any time to instantly cure your boredom.

Internet Arcade

First from the good folks over at the Internet Archive is their internet arcade on this free site. You'll find more than 1,700 arcade video games from the 1970s through the 1990s that you can play legally.

After selecting a game you'll find a description and controls listed below the controls. For many of the games are not always user-friendly and it's nearly impossible to play these games at its current size. So, it's best to choose the full-screen view for a better gameplay experience.

Console Living Room

If you enjoy playing classic retro games check out the Internet arcade. Also as part of the Internet Archive is their console living room where you can find hundreds of video games that were created for home gaming systems including the Atari 2600
and 7800 along with many others.

The Sega Genesis has also represented here at the height of its popularity it was the absolute best gaming system just like the Internet arcade. You'll find the controls in the console living room are not always the easiest to use.


If you enjoy weird stuff Oddee has got you covered with some of the strangest and bizarre content that you can find on the Internet. This website is separated into three categories.

The news is where you can find the latest articles covering a variety of topics. They have numbered lists with photos including the strange one for the 15 worst lip tattoos and there's a category called odd stories which are submitted by users. 


Solace is a short film told in an interesting style with interactive elements. The story is bizarre, it's about a boy that's been imprinted with the luminal ads while watching the film. You can click and dragon elements around the screen to progress the story. 


Akinator is an Internet game that gets mentioned quite a bit in the comments nearly. A decade old the game requires that you think of a popular or famous character. It could be an actor, athlete, political figure, musician or a fictional character from TV or film.
Akinator will ask you a series of questions in an attempt to guess the character. You're thinking. I'll play a quick round and skip to the end of the questions to see if Akinator can guess my character.

Akinator guessed my character correctly 11timese from strange things. If Akinator can't guess correctly who you're thinking of, you'll be prompted to input the character's name in order to expand its database.


Museum of Endangered Sounds

The Museum of Endangered Sounds will send you back in time to listen to the sounds of old technologies. Here we have AOL Instant Messenger, the old Mac warning and a typewriter. There are more than 30 sounds archived on the site. If you're in the mood for some serious nostalgia. 

People of Walmart

If you've ever been to a Walmart store, then you already know that you can see some truly interesting people that stand out in the crowd. The site features user-submitted photographs of those people including their odd vehicles found in the Walmart parking lot.

If you want to narrow down the photos to people within your state, people at Walmart even includes a search by state option.

Bored Button

If you're still bored after visiting all those sites, there's always the board button which will take you to a random side. If you're still bored, you can keep hitting that board button until you've been cured.

Do you know of a fun or interesting website you would like to see featured on this website? Let me know in the comments. J 

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