Top 10 Best PC Games downloading Websites

pc games downloading websites

Many of you’ve been asking for websites to download PC games for free. Since there are a few gamers in the audience, I will show you the top 10 best sites to download PC games free and legally.

You may not find the newest games on all these sites but there are some great games to be found for Windows Mac and Linux computers.

Most of these sites are well trusted and considered safe to use. Well, you can always scan any installer with your favorite security software before installing. So be cautious and use these websites at your own risk for each of the websites mentioned. I’ll go over the key features and help you navigate to the free stuff on these PC games downloading websites.

All Games A-to-Z

All Games A-to-Z is one of the nicer looking sites. It has games available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

You can select the maximum of three games at the top of the page on their homepage. Paid games are mixed in with the free games.  In order to see only the free games, select free games A-to-Z from the top menu. The amount of free games is limited.

On any game page, it will show you which operating system that game is available for along with the description, download link, an average user rating.

Mega Games

In addition to offering free games, it offers gaming news, trainers, game fixes, mods, and other stuff to access.

The free game’s options are available at the main menu of mega games. It has a huge variety with too many games to count. So you’re likely to find a game to play on this site.


If you play PC games a lot then you already know that Steam is one of the best places to get games and as a side note has terrible customer service.

In addition to their paid games, they offer a huge free to play section. For accessing the free-to-play section, select games then select free-to-play from the drop-down menu.

Currently Steam offers almost 1,700 free games in this section. To narrow down the choices, you could select new and trending, top sellers, and you can select from popular free-to-play tags such as action-adventure, racing, and many others.

If you go back to the games head and select demos they currently have over 1300 demo games that you can try out for free.

SK Games

SK Games offers a good amount of free PC games along with demos and trailers. They’re broken down into several categories that include action, logic, strategy and many others.

On the game page, there will be a description and sometimes a trailer is provided along with a link to download the game.

If you’re a fan of Indie games, then is the site for you. This website has a ton of indie games both paid and free.

The free section has over 47,000 games which are massive. You will probably want to filter the results in the left column, you can filter by platformer, genre along with other categories.

It is one of the top picks in this list. It also has a desktop app just like Steam which I mentioned earlier for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Reloaded is a computer game site dedicated to free remakes of retro video games. The easiest way to navigate this site is to scroll down and select one of the many categories.

You can see the full list of the games in each category along with their ratings.

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